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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Ok. Hands down my favorite store. Favorite style guy and,looking back, Sid Mashburn has ALWAYS, since I was a teenager, influenced my view on style. He was the rockinest, most influential high schooler when I was but a junior high guy. I mean, he influenced EVERYONE, well, not everyone agreed with his approach BUT he influenced anyone in the least observant in an aesthetic regard. And I hold to Quentin Crisp's statement....

insisting that all dressing is drag....meaning, there is not a way to dress which doesn't, in some way, tell about you and your positions. No one was born wearing a baseball cap, though that is sorta foisted on us....I digress. It is great to see that Sid has done so well for himself and for our hometown and state. Hats off to my brother Sid Mashburn. May he live long and prosper in an understated but oh so proper way. Also many thanks to the dandyfashioner blogspot, check it out.

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