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the rusty knot north yoknapatawpha county (NYC)

Monday, July 11, 2011

This is a shhh and share carefully

This place RULES.  I have died and gone to sartorial heaven.  Wife thinks I want to dress like a re-enactor, and she LIKES that.  Nice.  I really dig the low production, hand made quality, truly truly right fabrics that i've seen.  Will be ordering soon and let you know.  Barring some major disappointing despatchments, I can't imagine not loving this stuff and wearing the heck out of it.  Somewhere.  To a re-enactment maybe...or simply enacting a simpler quaker edwardianish life, of a farmer or gentleman farmer as the case may be.  No matter how deposed I am at the moment.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tiny houses.

tiny houses.

Ok.  I had to do that.  Seriously this is seriously a great site and full of great ideas.  I am sold.  My wife, on the other hand, well, has a way to go.  These may work as a closet for us under present circumstances....however I feel I am being called to a cleaner leaner greener future.  Will see.  In the meantime my

boyish, treehouse-ish, living simply side can be indulged by tumbleweed.  For my more, um, progressive and contempory side (don't shoot me you know who you are) loftcube and weehouses rock. 


Ok. Hands down my favorite store. Favorite style guy and,looking back, Sid Mashburn has ALWAYS, since I was a teenager, influenced my view on style. He was the rockinest, most influential high schooler when I was but a junior high guy. I mean, he influenced EVERYONE, well, not everyone agreed with his approach BUT he influenced anyone in the least observant in an aesthetic regard. And I hold to Quentin Crisp's statement....

insisting that all dressing is drag....meaning, there is not a way to dress which doesn't, in some way, tell about you and your positions. No one was born wearing a baseball cap, though that is sorta foisted on us....I digress. It is great to see that Sid has done so well for himself and for our hometown and state. Hats off to my brother Sid Mashburn. May he live long and prosper in an understated but oh so proper way. Also many thanks to the dandyfashioner blogspot, check it out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Architecturalist does it again!

Always impressive, The Architecturalist did it again. This time very personal. Airliewood, in Holly Springs, Mississippi (my homestate and a city dear to me and my family) is pictured. It was auctioned off. I will find out the new owners, hopefully they realize what they own and respect it. Thanks Architecturalist very much.

Headed to New York.

Ok.  We're going to NYC.  My 14 year old has spring break.  Gotta list of things to do....she actually WANTS to go to museums.  My sweet girl.  Freemans Sporting Club here I come.  However, what else...? Any suggestions?

Steven Alan Clip

OK.  Watch this, sorta captures an aesthetic bent of mine.  Probably yours if you are reading this. Enjoy.  I did and do. Last spring lookvibe but wow.  Nice nice very nice.  Music clothes and filmography.  Come on spring summer get here now.

Steven Alan Spring 2010 from Steven Alan on Vimeo.