the rusty knot

the rusty knot north yoknapatawpha county (NYC)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Headed to New York.

Ok.  We're going to NYC.  My 14 year old has spring break.  Gotta list of things to do....she actually WANTS to go to museums.  My sweet girl.  Freemans Sporting Club here I come.  However, what else...? Any suggestions?


  1. I see you've found the Rusty Knot. Haven't been there yet. Freemans Restaurant is good, but crowded on the weekends. PJ Clarkes and JG Melon if you're uptown. Try Le Veau d'Or for classic old school NY french.

  2. Just saw your note, family tragedy has kept me from new york and from blogging...things have now settled. Will definitely be there, barring other unfortunate mis-happenings ,in the spring when my now 15 yr old is in italy. will give your recs a shot and am gonna start working more fervently on this blog. i got some ideas;) hope you've been well and have had a happy holiday thus far.