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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New Addition--Hattie

Chelsea, the dam

King Sire
Well there will be a new addition to the Smith household.  An add on to a thriving brood consisting already of a 13 year old beautiful and multi-talented girl, a young and beautiful wife, and youngish and beautiful mother-in-law, a chocolate labbish loveable but skiddish Charlotte and Curry, the "oh please", cat.  Into all this Hattie will come.  A soon to be born English Springer Spaniel.  Yah!  Dam and Sire are from a small farm in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Pure breds but mother is part field and part bench, father all bench.  From a very good home from what interactions I've had with the breeder, Kathy,....who doesn't really consider herself a breeder at all but more of a provider of joy I think.  She assists with the birth of all the puppies, who are meant to be born early March.  Then 6 weeks until weened and a road trip to the small farm to pick up Hattie.  Then the fun shall begin.  I look forward to the weekly updates from Mississippi after the birth.  Kathy states she will send pictures as well.  Joy I think has already been provided.  Thanks be to God.