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the rusty knot north yoknapatawpha county (NYC)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

1970s Bikes in Yokna

Ok.  I am all consumed with all this americana, folk/work clothing business.  Handmade, well-wrought objects in general have always been an attraction to me.  Details details details.  But I have also always read ingrediants on absolutely everything, really since I was about 9 years old.  So I enjoy clothes of a certain ilk, watches, lamps, shoes, belts, hats, cars, slo foods and antiques/vintage furnishings, watches, clocks, yawn, ties oh my goodness, amongst other things.  All because of the details and context and place and that ever evasive term quality.  I am now fondly remembering bicycles.  That 70s Sears Free Spirit red white and blue bicentennial ten-speed, my green banana seated schwinn stingray, loved those bikes. Marked an era for me (ERA too).   Funny what bikes mean to you, I believe I remember them all.....some though have a special place in my memory bank, flying around the neighborhood, breeze in hair and all too hippy of an aesthetic, listening to ELO in Mississippi heat.  Do you remember the song, "Third rate romance, low rent rendevous"? I do.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New Addition--Hattie

Chelsea, the dam

King Sire
Well there will be a new addition to the Smith household.  An add on to a thriving brood consisting already of a 13 year old beautiful and multi-talented girl, a young and beautiful wife, and youngish and beautiful mother-in-law, a chocolate labbish loveable but skiddish Charlotte and Curry, the "oh please", cat.  Into all this Hattie will come.  A soon to be born English Springer Spaniel.  Yah!  Dam and Sire are from a small farm in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Pure breds but mother is part field and part bench, father all bench.  From a very good home from what interactions I've had with the breeder, Kathy,....who doesn't really consider herself a breeder at all but more of a provider of joy I think.  She assists with the birth of all the puppies, who are meant to be born early March.  Then 6 weeks until weened and a road trip to the small farm to pick up Hattie.  Then the fun shall begin.  I look forward to the weekly updates from Mississippi after the birth.  Kathy states she will send pictures as well.  Joy I think has already been provided.  Thanks be to God.